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#robobus service has ended and will continue in spring 2019

Helsinki RobobusLine is a long-lasting robot bus experiment supported by the Helsinki City Innovation Fund and EU-wide H2020 mySMARTLife project with the aim of creating base for automated public transport. The project also supports the ability of Finnish companies to produce technology and business for automated buses and routes. In the project an automated bus (robot bus) is running during two years on public open roads among mixed vehicle traffic starting on year 2018. The route may change during the trial periods.

Departures can not be guaranteed. See @HRLpoikkeusinfo or POIKKEUSINFO for additional information.  

You can jump on board for free!

An operator (responsible person) is always on board in the bus. 

Route on 2018

Robot bus service has ended and will continue in spring 2019! On 2018 #robobus operated in east of Helsinki in Kivikko. The bus complemented the network of Helsinki's metropolitan public transit authority Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) with line number 94R. Route and schedule could be seen in the Journey Planner (Reittiopas). The route was around 1 km to one direction and had two stations which of the other one was a sation of a regular HSL bus line (94B).

Station adresses:

  • Kivikonlaita 2, 00940 Helsinki (HSL stop ID: Kivikontie 4446)
  • Savikiekontie 4, 00940 Helsinki